Helping great organisations

Ambitious organisations recognise the importance of effective leadership and demand that their people realise their full potential – to progress and be the best they can be. Sounds tough? Maybe, but our Clients engage us because of our 20 year track record working with their best talent and creating great leaders.

Our success is built upon having proven frameworks for evaluating and developing leaders, and guiding each person to hone their leadership skills within the context of the realities of their own business. Our approach is vested in having a clear understanding of each organisation’s objectives and challenges, a strong insight into people as individuals and as collective groups and being able to read the organisation’s pulse while shaping solutions that harness potential and realise value. Let us guide you in developing your talented people. 

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Talented people

Our clients tell us the experience of working with us is different. We engender trust and act with credibility; combining a sensitivity to the human experience with an objective analysis of leadership credentials. At the heart of our approach is an ability to challenge deep rooted behaviours and thinking and challenge your people to be the best they can be.

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Our promise to our clients is: candour, freshness, humanity and warmth underpinned by strategic and commercial nous. 

                                                        Our Solutions

Developing your best talent is complex. Getting the whole organisation to embrace learning and development, even more so. We offer a suite of solutions in our different practice areas that are designed to meet all your people needs.

Our work with clients typically focuses upon developing the individual, boosting the performance and collective capabilities of teams and creating frameworks and a culture that enable organisations to deliver their strategy.

Each of our solutions is supported by an expert practice team who will inspire your people and bring leadership to life through their great thinking, rigour and commercial nous. 



What CharacterScope will do for you

CharacterScope will help you shape your identity and impact as a leader: to value your way of leading and to understand how you can be your best – where to focus your development to maximise your impact.

Don’t think of yourself as a leader? The truth is that we all lead at different times and stages in our lives, whether or not we aspire to be CEO or Prime Minister. CharacterScope will help you find and become the leader within you – to be the best you can be.

For a free Self Review on CharacterScope, and learn more about our Leader types from Charismatic to Innovator, Professional to Entrepreneurial, Click Here.


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Our guiding principles

3 principles guide the way we work:

Leaders create leaders

Leaders are central to this happening: leading in a way that inspires leadership in others and creates future leaders.

Leaders connect people to purpose

In turn, engaged people create organisations that serve their customers better and create value more sustainably. 

People follow people

People thrive when they are excited about their own potential and know that their organisation understands and values their talents.