Featuring quotes from Arabella Ellis, The Thinking Partnership

Many of us find holidays more stressful than being at work.

We shouldn’t, but we do. As we sit on our sun loungers, we sweat everything from the small stuff (what will a client think if I don’t answer her emails for a week?) to the big stuff (I think Clive from operations is after my job – will my absence give him the chance to prove himself?).

We do this because we’re human, but it isn’t good for us. A holiday should be time away from the office grind that allows you to unwind. You should come back de-stressed, refreshed and re-invigorated. Ideally, at some point, around day eight, you should have completely forgotten about you job, however briefly. So, how do you learn to stop worrying and love your holidays?

1. Start by reminding yourself that holidays really are necessary, says Arabella Ellis, a director at The Thinking Partnership, a leadership consultancy. “They let your unconscious mind work out problems. They let you decompress and repair and recharge and relax.” People, she explains, need to view them as “important things in their own right,” rather than just not being at work.


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